Looking for clarity, or capability?

How about both?  

I build easy-to-use systems tailored to your company,
backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee 

  • ...project clarity, minus the meetings
  • ...hours of work, turned into minutes
  • ...automated reports and dashboards
  • ...purpose-built client web interfaces

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Build your platform for success
Learn email and other productivity best practices and get set up and trained in your CRM or your digital workspace.

Typical engagements:

  • Training
  • Training + support
  • Setup + advanced support


Achieve impactful business outcomes
Elevate your existing toolset with advanced features and automation, or build internal or client-facing systems from the ground up.

Common objectives:

  • Operational clarity
  • Process efficiency
  • Scalability


Produce a real, fully functional part
I'll take your part or design, develop to your requirements, and produce it with traditional or additive manufacturing.

Some of my past work:

  • Satellite transmitter enclosure
  • Patented ↗︎ surgical hand tool
  • Reverse-engineered drive nut

My promise: A no-pressure, jargon-free, high-value discussion

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It's an honor to receive praise from my clients. Here's what some of them say:

"Fortify transformed the way we do business. Paul assessed bottlenecks and documentation gaps limiting the sales and production teams. Then he designed and built custom digital work flows using Asana, Copper, and PandaDoc. He implemented all of it rapidly, trained employees, and adapted the system in real-time unlocking our potential. The same teams now have twice the order fulfillment capacity. Well done!"

headshot brian
Brian Shumaker

"Paul has been a truly great to work with, excellent with detail. He gives full attention to true dimensioning and tolerancing with materials and environment in mind. His ability to produce a working product with his industry knowledge and drive to get things accomplished is incredible. There are no obstacles, only solutions!"

headshot patrick
Patrick Tunney
Specialist, AK

"Paul is incredible to work with! Very attentive to specific needs and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to productivity and organization. He is relentless in his desire to overcome problems and has an incredible drive to help others attain their greatest success."

headshot jacob
Jacob Wingerd
Project Manager, ID